Ducks in a Row

I’ve been finding solace in the fact that sometimes the universe does conspire to put everything in place for you. Although most of the best laid plans appears to have fallen into a crushing heap labeled forgotten as I go through previous months in my planner (you have to go through your planner specially that this IS a new month. June. It officially marks that we’ve survived the first half of the year. Yay!)

March, April, and May entries all point to one goal and that was to increase cash flow. Although April was the highlight because that was when I finally kissed the last check goodbye; that was where a big chunk of my paycheck painfully goes. Not to say that I haven’t added positive cash flow yet with the current part time job, the goal was more or less designed to payoff some remnant loans this year. That will make the cash flow from positive to golden.

However, the hunt for another part time job had been a road filled with perils of distraction, a large dose of Community (season 1, 2, and 3), metallics on black art, organizing a book sale, and a study of food cart biz with a business partner. I know I need another part time job that I could do online but I didn’t understand this hesitance and unwillingness. Makes me think that I may be forcing myself to look for a source of income that my heart isn’t totally sold with. Maybe the universe is telling me to go after my passion instead. Maybe I haven’t been listening to you, Universe.

To celebrate this new month, I will re-align my goals:

  • open a online shop for my illustrations
  • map out the menu for the food cart biz
  • get closer to my goal of working at home so I can be with the kids
  • start retirement fund (quite late in the game but still important to start and sustain it)


So universe, hope you could see that I’m paying attention.


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