Still at it!

Been remiss and for that I apologize. A lot of things had happened in almost a year! Things I am thankful for and unfortunate events that brought lessons. The main highlight is I’m going to have a bundle of joy coming in July! This is my third yet I find myself still feeling the same old excited-but-apprehensive whirlpool mix of emotions. In preparation (and for the lack of reliable caregiver mostly) I decided to stay at home and take care of my 3-year-old and get everything in order before the latest addition comes. Yes, I am now a bonafide housewife!

Being one crossed my mind several years past but I never expected to be an actual one in the purest sense. It’s a new feeling waking in the morning without the aid of an alarm clock. I am entirely in charge on what I do throughout the day. I can choose to clean the house or just let the mess take over (for a day) Friends realize I’m always around in Facebook lately. But what I’m really rejoicing at is the fact that my son gets to see me and be with me. I’ve established a loose schedule for bath time, play time, snack time – just time doing things together without having to rush. I wish I could have done more with my oldest when she was my boy’s age but now isn’t that late (right?) Having a parent on-hand does have its benefits.

WIll this affect our cash flow? Of course it would. Added cost of having a third child is going to be substantial but the internet have afforded parents choices and means to aid running a household financially. I have online work pegged as a shift in my career. I hope against all hope that this will help me be with my kids, work on my extra time, and take care of the bills.

Welcome to the next chapter in my life. Change will be great!


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