Merry May


It’s been a good month so far. Made job application rounds and got myself a part-time and a full time work. They don’t start at the same time so I have the time to learn the ropes on one job, establish tasks process, and then tackle the other. Great plan, right? My inner person is actually banging its head against the wall, wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. Again. Oh well. This would help my family. Have to make this work.

These past 2 weeks made me realize the following about house cleaning and this and that:

  • I’m an organized-mess ninja when it comes to chores I hate the most: laundry AND anything clothes-related (sorting, folding, and weeding the closet for clothes that no longer fit) How? It involves closing doors to hide the mounds of clothes or just leaving them where they’re at, the clothesline. And my favorite, strutting around the house naked. I kid you not.
  • My son’s chronic pneumonia and asthma happens even if I’m his sole caregiver
  • My home office is right smack of a high-activity area (feng shui made me do it!)
  • Not to mention, it’s the warmest place in the house during the summer, in a tropical country! That’s how hot it is, it deserved another bullet point.
  • It is possible to eat any leftover in the fridge when you have less than a dollar in your wallet and nothing in your bank account. Yes. Water can be breakfast.
  • You can plan all you want but the Big Man upstairs has the last say.
  • If you must ask for something or dream about it, just make it big. Wish like a kid on his birthday.

During my unemployed period and watching my funds dwindle into nothing actually helped clear my head. I focused on the good points: what talents I possess that I could exploit (kidding!) Mainly it was just a good ‘ol cry-your-eyes-out cleansing session that did the trick. THEN I was able to focus on job hunting, getting that job, bulking up my savings, building my food and art empire, each of my kids has a trust fund, getting my first millions, be on the cover….whoa!

One thing at a time.


Still at it!

Been remiss and for that I apologize. A lot of things had happened in almost a year! Things I am thankful for and unfortunate events that brought lessons. The main highlight is I’m going to have a bundle of joy coming in July! This is my third yet I find myself still feeling the same old excited-but-apprehensive whirlpool mix of emotions. In preparation (and for the lack of reliable caregiver mostly) I decided to stay at home and take care of my 3-year-old and get everything in order before the latest addition comes. Yes, I am now a bonafide housewife!

Being one crossed my mind several years past but I never expected to be an actual one in the purest sense. It’s a new feeling waking in the morning without the aid of an alarm clock. I am entirely in charge on what I do throughout the day. I can choose to clean the house or just let the mess take over (for a day) Friends realize I’m always around in Facebook lately. But what I’m really rejoicing at is the fact that my son gets to see me and be with me. I’ve established a loose schedule for bath time, play time, snack time – just time doing things together without having to rush. I wish I could have done more with my oldest when she was my boy’s age but now isn’t that late (right?) Having a parent on-hand does have its benefits.

WIll this affect our cash flow? Of course it would. Added cost of having a third child is going to be substantial but the internet have afforded parents choices and means to aid running a household financially. I have online work pegged as a shift in my career. I hope against all hope that this will help me be with my kids, work on my extra time, and take care of the bills.

Welcome to the next chapter in my life. Change will be great!

Luke and Fem




My 22-month-old son played with my watercolor and brush and like any other mother, I was just blown away.  There were 12 colors on the palette but he stayed with green, blue, and red. Am I reading too much into it? Maybe. My daughter and I might have rubbed off on him. What with all the brushes, paint, paper, and the amount of warning he’d get not to touch a painting set out to dry, it’s just a matter of time until he’d ask for his own paint set and paper. I love watching my kids draw or paint. I just can’t help but marvel at how freeing it is to just paint like a child. Fem paints with focus while listening to her iPod while Luke paints with abandon and needs to be fueled with affirmation.

That’s my daughter when she was about the same age as Luke. They look so much alike as kids. She wants to be an artist and did an accurate “portrait” of herself. Amazing.

They are the two parts of my heart.